Politics is a science of controlling others with the most polished and smooth lie. The psychopathic need to control the life of others through the guise of patriotism and a delusional sense of self-righteousness. Leadership is not an ability to convince others to follow you because of your dialog, your intentions, or an ability to […]

When not maintained with honor, patriotism is no more than an illusion one group uses to control another. How many times does something have to be amended before it is no longer what it originally was? Patriotism is not marching blindly carrying a flag, it’s defending the foundational ideals that keep it’s diverse fabrics strong […]

Lust is nothing more than a lie to the heart fed from the body.  Where love is a truth from the heart fed from the connection of two peoples spirts at the deepest level. Love is the process of two people opening up to each other completely and being connected to each other at a […]

Secrecy is a method of concealing your tactical information and status from the adversary for the purpose of minimizing their strategic advantage. Producing an advantage for the entity or individual utilizing secrecy as your adversary generates war planning from inaccurate tactical information. At a philosophical level Secrecy is a form of deceit due to it’s […]

The truest form of intimacy can only exist when two people: Completely love and trust each other. Completely submit and serve each other.  When two hearts are complete when their bodies are made tame.Because Spiritual Love burns in their hearts as a twin flame. No amount of lustful a la carte,compares to the passion with […]

It is better to accept complete failure,than blindly and pridefully exist in disaster. Own it completely, learn from it, and evolve. Before you can embrace a new beginning,you must accept and ending with honor.

Silence does not necessarily mean that someone has nothing to say or they lack the courage to speak. It means they have self control and intelligence to know when to speak. They know when to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, and when to speak the truth with honor in words and […]

When you hold people accountable for their actions.Your life path will divert based on your reactions. You will attract yourself to their negative energy and destination.Regardless of your intentions it will only produce more pain and frustration. Never be combative, forgive move on and live.Focus on the present and build a future that is transformative. […]